IIIT-Hyderabad Advanced School on Natural Language Processing
May 23rd - June 5th, Hyderabad, India, Summer 2011


Project Areas


  • Speech
      Speaker identification on a large datasets
      Voice conversion
      Speech summarization

  • Linguistic Networks
      Unsupervised discovery of function words in a language
      Computational Study of Bollywood song lyrics

  • Parsing
      Malt, MST and Bidirectional parsers
      Iterative learning for POS tagging, chunking, NER and parsing

  • Semantics
      Sanity checks for PurposeNet
      Populating Action Ontology using Verbnet
      Mapping semantic roles to karaka relation using Verbnet

  • Morphology
      Building a morphological analyzer

  • Anaphora Resolution
      Anaphora resolution for Hindi

  • Question Generation
      Question Generation from paragraph

  • Resource Creation
      Creating linguistic resource of different granularities

  • Transfer Based MT (TBMT)
      Transfer based MT between Indian languages

  • Statistical MT
      Basic experiments in SMT

  • Sentiment Analysis
      Development of Emotion Lexicon and Word Level Emotion Analysis System
      Development of SentiWordNet and Sentiment Classification

  • Information Extraction, Information Retrieval (IE/IR)
      Amazon data (search customer reviews)
      Twitter data clustering based on categories