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Find all the past Panini Linguistics Olympiad problems below. They are graded as per ease of solving: easy to hard...

Also you can, type in the year in the format specified as below to get the problems from that year, right-click and open / save file!

Name Category Solutions Author
Hebrew Pronouns Jr. Junior Solution to Hebrew Pronouns Jr. -
Hebrew Pronouns Sr. Senior Solution to Hebrew Pronouns Sr. -
Akamu's Table All Solution to Akamu's Table Adapted from the Russian Olympiad
Deciphering the Brahmi Script All Solution to Deciphering the Brahmi Script Yash Sinha
The Norwegian Family All Solution to The Norwegian Family Yu. Kuznetsova
Days in Japanese Junior Solution to Days in Japanese -
A Rose by another Name Junior Solution to A Rose by another Name Abhishek Dedhe
Tiwa's sentences All Solution to Tiwa's sentences Peter Arkadiev
Wear it the Simte style! All Solution to Wear it the Simte style! -
Chamorro Months Junior Solution to Chamorro Months Monojit Choudhury
What's in a Question? Junior Solution to What's in a Question? -
Viet Nam All Solution to Viet Nam A. Somin
Sixteen Japanese Phrases All Solution to Sixteen Japanese Phrases Abhishek Dedhe
Translating Welsh Junior Solution to Translating Welsh Prachatos Mitra
Not Amharic All Solution to Not Amharic Maria Bulakh
Lepcha Junior Solution to Lepcha Monojit Choudhury
Tangkhul Adjectives Senior Solution to Tangkhul Adjectives -
Aksara Sunda Kuna All Solution to Aksara Sunda Kuna Saujas Vaduguru
Cheesy Malagasy All Solution to Cheesy Malagasy A. Kretov
Bow or Onion? Senior Solution to Bow or Onion? Mitesh Khapra
Kurmali All Solution to Kurmali Bornini Lahiri
Akham goes Shopping All Solution to Akham goes Shopping -
Daily Basque All Solution to Daily Basque N. Zaika
Achui's Family Senior Solution to Achui's Family -
Telling Time in Swahili All Solution to Telling Time in Swahili Nilai Sarda
Ethiopian Months Junior Solution to Ethiopian Months Monojit Choudhury
Luganda All Solution to Luganda Abhishek Dedhe
The Matses Hunter Boy Senior Solution to The Matses Hunter Boy Abhishek Dedhe
Turkish News and Conversations All Solution to Turkish News and Conversations Yash Sinha
Giggle me this Junior Solution to Giggle me this -
Epic Greek Poetry All Solution to Epic Greek Poetry Sesh Sadasivam
Valman Junior Solution to Valman P. Arkadiev
Japanese Compound Words Senior Solution to Japanese Compound Words Zarana Sarda
Imya Imyevna Rossiyov All Solution to Imya Imyevna Rossiyov Saujas Vaduguru
A Dozen Miskito Birthdays Junior Solution to A Dozen Miskito Birthdays Shinjini Ghosh
Pashto All Solution to Pashto Apoorva Bhagwat
Onge All Solution to Onge Aalok Sathe
Evolution of Nna Senior Solution to Evolution of Nna Monojit Choudhury
Abracadabra Junior Solution to Abracadabra Monojit Choudhury
Cherokee Numerals Junior Solution to Cherokee Numerals Prachatos Mitra
Making Sense of Turkish Words All Solution to Making Sense of Turkish Words Monojit Choudhury
Mnemonic Major System Senior Solution to Mnemonic Major System Anindya Sharma
Bariai Squares All Solution to Bariai Squares Dmitry Gerasimov
Coptic Stress All Solution to Coptic Stress S. Malyshev
Divehi Numerals All Solution to Divehi Numerals Sesh Sadasivam
Finish Finnish All Solution to Finish Finnish Rajan Dalal
Bronckhorst Numbers All Solution to Bronckhorst Numbers Svetlana Burlak
Solving Lakota Equations Junior Solution to Solving Lakota Equations Nilai Sarda
Yash in Rwanda All Solution to Yash in Rwanda Yash Sinha
Duna Numerals Senior Solution to Duna Numerals Sagar Sarda, Zarana Sarda
Circles and Dots Senior Solution to Circles and Dots Anindya Sharma, Monojit Choudhury
Washo All Solution to Washo Yash Sinha
Aryabhatt's Enigma Senior Solution to Aryabhatt's Enigma Angikar Ghoshal, Apoorva Bhagwat
Sanskrit Months All Solution to Sanskrit Months Monojit Choudhury
Word Embeddings Senior Solution to Word Embeddings Monojit Choudhury
Encoding Trees Senior Solution to Encoding Trees Monojit Choudhury
Brill's Tagger All Solution to Brill's Tagger Monojit Choudhury
Chickasaw Stress Senior Solution to Chickasaw Stress Saujas Vaduguru
Ire-lined All Solution to Ire-lined Mukund Choudhary
No Zeroes in Xerénte Senior Solution to No Zeroes in Xerénte Mukund Choudhary
Prussian Blue, Hungarian Red All Solution to Prussian Blue, Hungarian Red Monojit Choudhury
Semantic Atlas All Solution to Semantic Atlas Abhishek Dedhe
Evoke Kove All Solution to Evoke Kove Rujul Gandhi
From Two to Two, Too Junior Solution to From Two to Two, Too Mukund Choudhary and Shardul Chiplunkar
Alien Protein Codes Junior Solution to Alien Protein Codes Anshuman Swain
Estonian Word Forms All Solution to Estonian Word Forms Antara Bhattacharya and Aparna Gupte
Stressed Manobo All Solution to Stressed Manobo Saujas Vaduguru
Tenji Braille All Solution to Tenji Braille Apoorva Bhagwat and Sandipan Dandapat
Kunimaipa Junior Solution to Kunimaipa Zarana Sarda
Twisted Translations Senior Solution to Twisted Translations Saujas Vaduguru
Bahinemo All Solution to Bahinemo Aparna Gupte
Altai-ed Up All Solution to Altai-ed Up Aparna Gupte
A Polished Weather Forecast All Solution to A Polished Weather Forecast Ishan Ganguly
Kholosi All Solution to Kholosi Aryaman Arora
Cistercian Numerals All Solution to Cistercian Numerals Aalok Sathe
Kubeo All Solution to Kubeo Abhinav Menon and Mukund Choudhary
Esimbi All Solution to Esimbi Mukund Choudhary and Aparna Gupte

  • Victoria Fromkin and Robert Rodman: An Introduction to Language (a widely-used undergraduate textbook, with chapters on different areas of linguistics and exercises at the end which are easier than the Advanced level questions, but testing knowledge of language as opposed to thinking skills; plus answers at the back!)
  • Mark Baker: The Atoms of Language (aimed at non-specialists, with lots of talk of paradoxes and cracking codes, and introducing principles of linguistic analysis in the later chapters by comparing syntactic parameters to the periodic table).
  • Richard Hudson: Invitation to Linguistics (accessible, clear, and with a focus on linguistic puzzles).
  • David J. Peterson – The Art of Language Invention – Peterson is a “conlanger” – he constructs languages for film & TV – including Dothraki & Valyrian for Game of Thrones. He is also a trained linguist and his book takes a noob to linguistics through the basics (phonology, semantics, morphology & syntax etc.) in a very accessible and a fun way.
  • Guy Deutscher’s popular linguistics books are great too: Through the Looking Glass Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages (the title is misleading – it is much more nuanced, based on recent linguistic relativity research presented in an accessible manner)
  • The Power of Babel A Natural History of Language
  • The Red Book and The Green Book by Dragomir Radev
  • Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing

  • Project Nim
  • The Linguists
  • The Grammar of Happiness
  • Arrival

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