ICON-2013: 10th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

CDAC Noida, India
18-20 December, 2013
Fuzzy Match Score and Translation Memory Match: A Linguistic Insight

Word Sense Disambiguation in Bengali applied to Bengali-Hindi Machine Translation

Comparison of SMT and RBMT, The Requirement of Hybridization for Marathi – Hindi MT

Semi-supervised Relation Extraction using EM Algorithm

Automatic Identification of Concepts and Conceptual relations from Pa- tents Using Machine Learning Methods

CRF-based Clinical Named Entity Recognition using clinical NLP Features

Generation of Sanskrit Compounds

Evaluating a Machine Learning Approach to Sinhala Morphological Analysis

A Way to Break Them All: A Compound Word Analyzer for Marathi

An Empirical Investigation of Like-Mindedness of Topically Related Social Communities on Microblogging Platforms

A Hybrid Approach for Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Feeling may separate Two Authors: Incorporating Sentiment in Authorship Identification Task

A Novel Approach to Aggregation Processing in Natural Language Interfaces to Databases

Automatic Phonetic and Prosodic Transcription for Indian Languages : Bengali and Odia

Developing a Speech Corpus for Sinhala Speech Recognition

Oral Reading Prosody Improvements Using a Reading Tutor for ESL Students

A Min-Max Syllable Compaction Method for Tamil Text-To-Speech

Geeta: Gold Standard Annotated Data, Analysis and its Application

Design of a lean interface for Sanskrit corpus annotation

Field Trial, Evaluation and Error Correction methods of an IVR based Commodity Price Retrieval System

Discourse Level Tagger for Mah ̄abh ̄as.ya - a Sanskrit Commentary on P ̄an.ini’s Grammar

Dealing with Hinglish Named Entities in English Corpora

Na: Beyond Negation

Enhancing ASR by MT using Semantic information from Hindi WordNet

Feature Extraction Methods for Semantic Orientation Based Approaches to Sentiment Analysis

Analysis of Language Identification Performance based on Gender and Hierarchial Grouping Approaches

A Trigger Word Mining Method Based on Activation Force

Expansion of Single-word Weak Queries Using Wikipedia as External Data Resource

Design of a Scalable Natural Language Report Management System

Text Summarization with Semantics Information


A Multi-Phase Approach To Retrieve Spam Free Web Pages

Impact of Linguistically Motivated Shallow Phrases in PB-SMT

Text Entailment in Semantic Web World

Hunting Elusive English in Hinglish and Benglish Text: Unfolding Challenges and Remedies

A Machine Learning Approach for the Identification of Bengali Noun-Noun Compound Multiword Expressions

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