Anusaaraka is a computer software which renders text from one Indian
language into another. It produces output which is comprehensible
to the reader, although at times it might sound odd. For example,
a Telugu to Hindi anusaaraka can take a Telugu text and produce
output in Hindi which can be understood by a Hindi reader. However,
the reader will require some amount of training for reading the output.


A brief write up on anusaaraka. Also tells you how to use the anusaaraka email server. (In English)

anu_pATa ISCII version

anu_pATa Roman Readable notation version

anu_pATa Shusha version

Training on anusaaraka.
It contains graded lessons which train you in how to read anusaarka output (in Hindi).
anusaaraka output ISCII version
anusaaraka output Roman Readable notation version
anusaaraka output Shusha version

Anusaaraka output.
Contains anusarita stories from Telugu to Hindi.
anu_paricaya ISCII version
anu_paricaya Roman Readable version
Writeup on anusaaraka, its philosophy, comparative study of Indian languages particularly Telugu and Hindi (in Hindi).

Email server
Running the anusaaraka email server.

Research papers related to Anusaaraka (in English).

Dictionary download
Lets you download dictionaries. (For getting a copy of anusaaraka grammar, anusaaraka programs etc. send an email to us at the contact address.)

Anusaaraka source code download for installation and Morph download
Lets you download the source code of the anusaaraka source code which you can install and run in your own computer. You can also download Morphs available for different languages here


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