Converters among various fonts/glyphs

There is a chaos as far as the Indian languages in electronic form are concerned. Neither can one exchange the notes in Indian languages as conveniently as in English language, nor can one perform search on texts in Indian languages available over the web. This is so because the texts are being stored in font dependent glyph codes. The glyph coding schemes for these fonts is typically different for different fonts. To view the content of these sites then one requires these fonts on local machine. This site provides conversion programs for converting the text in one font-glyphs into another. Also it provides conversion programs from the font glyphs to iscii and vice versa.

For Using Online Font Converters go here.

Font converter allows you to do the following

  • If you have texts which are font specific, you can convert them to ISCII (standard character coding scheme) or to another font.
  • After conversion you can view or perform other operations on the texts. (These converters are needed because most Indian texts are stored using font-based encoding rather than character based encoding such as ISCII or Unicode.)
  • Currently, converters are available only among Devanagari fonts.

Other Info

    • Akshara Bharathi Group at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India and Language Technologies Research Center, IIIT, Hyderbad, India
    • Ministry of Information Technology, India (till May 1998)
    • Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Hyderabad, India (June 1998 onwards)
  • In case of further queries or difficulties or assistance please contact Mrs. Amba Kulkarni or Dr. Vineet Chaitanya.
  • The map files for the font DVBW-TTYogesh.ttf has been contributed by Mr. Hariram Pansari.


Converters developed are listed below:

For Devanagari Script

  1. Devpooja to ISCII
  1. Devpriya to ISCII
  1. DV-TTYogesh to ISCII
  1. DVB-TTYogesh to ISCII
  1. Roman-Readable to ISCII
  1. Sanskrit-98 to ISCII
  1. Shusha to ISCII
  1. DVBW-TTYogesh to ISCII
  1. AkrutiDev1 to ISCII
  1. Ankit to ISCII
  1. Devlys to ISCII
  1. Kruti46 to ISCII
  1. Naidunia to ISCII
  1. ISCII to Devpooja
  1. ISCII to Devpriya
  1. ISCII to DV-TTYogesh
  1. ISCII to DVB-TTYogesh
  1. ISCII to Roman-Readable
  1. ISCII to Sanskrit-98
  1. ISCII to Shusha
  1. ISCII to DVBW-TTYogesh
  1. ISCII to AkrutiDev1
  1. ISCII to Ankit
  1. ISCII to Devlys
  1. ISCII to Kruti46
  1. ISCII to Naidunia

For Telugu Script

  1. Telugu-Hemalatha to ISCII
  1. Telugu-Hemalathab to ISCII
  1. ISCII to Telugu-Hemalatha
  1. ISCII to Telugu-Hemalathab