Welcome to Classical Hindi Literature!

The page offers the writings of Meera, Suradas, Tulasidas, Premchand, Rahim etc. Goal here is to create an online library of Hindi literature and develop Etexts of the writings of the famous Hindi writers for whose works the copyright is over.

The page is being developed by literature ENTHUSIASTS who VOLUNTEER to key in the literary pieces. Any piece of Hindi literature for which the copyright is over can be contributed to this page by those who are willing to join the activity.

Most of the work available currently has been voluntarily typed by a single individual, a retired railway driver, Mr. Balram J. Rathore at Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India. These are available in ISCII and Shusha formats. Choose from the following links.

  1. ISCII
    • For reading these pages, you shoud have ISCII - Plugin installed in your system.

  2. Shusha
    • For reading these pages, you should have Shusha fonts installed on your system.

If you would like to help in the development effort, please contact Dr. Vineet Chaitanya for further details.