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NLP Tools Contest on Named Entity Recognition in Indian languages, 2013

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NLP Tools Contest on Named Entity Recognition in Indian languages, 2013

The ICON 2013 tools contest is on Named Entity Recognition in Indian languages (IL). The NER involves the identification of proper names from the texts and classification of them into some predefined categories of interest such as Person, Location, Organization, Miscellaneous (date, time, percentages, monetary expressions etc.). This is an important component for many NLP applications such as Machine Translation, Question-Answering, Automatic Summarization, Information Extraction etc.

The Contest
Participants will be provided training, development and test data to report the efficiency of their NER system for the Indian languages (likely to be Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu). The datasets may be provided with some additional information like PoS and chunk. Efficiency will be measured in terms of Recall, Precision and F-measure.

Shortlisted candidates will present their techniques and results in a special session at ICON 2013.

Release of training and development datasets: August 30, 2013
Release of test data: October 01, 2013
Deadline for System submission: October 30, 2013
Date for Report Submission: November 15, 2013.

The Contest will have two prizes :
         FIRST PRIZE: Rs.7500/-
         SECOND PRIZE: Rs.5000/-

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