TCS NLP Winter School 2008

24 December, 2007 - 7 January, 2008

Collocated with IJCNLP 2008 at IIIT, Hyderabad, India

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  1. POS tagged and Chunked corpus (for Hindi)
    • 70,000 words.
      You can access the annotation guidelines and tagset HERE
    • 200,000 words are available in an older tagset but one can convert them to the newer tagset.
      You can access the annotation guidelines HERE

  2. Dependency Treebank
    • 2000 manually parsed sentences which are labeled with Paninian labels.

  3. Parallel Corpus
    • Currently, we have a clean dataset of 52,000 sentence pairs. We are trying to collect more sentence pairs.
    • We have acquired a large collection of parallel books. We are trying to get it cleaned and sentence aligned. The hope is to make it available to the participants of the workshop.
    • 5000 sentences which have been word-aligned.

  4. Dictionaries
    • 25000 words dictionary. It can be accessed HERE
    • Multi-word dictionary containing 25000 words.

  5. Named entity corpus (for Hindi)

  6. Hindi Wordnet