ICON-2014: 11th International Conference on Natural Language Processing

Goa University, Goa, India
18-21 December, 2014
SMT from Agglutinative Languages: Use of Suffix Separation and Word Splitting

Tackling Close Cousins: Experiences In Developing Statistical Ma- chine Translation Systems For Marathi And Hindi

Correlating decoding events with errors in Statistical Machine Translation

Supertag Based Pre-ordering in Machine Translation

Duration Modeling by Multi-Models based on Vowel Production characteristics

Voice Activity Detection using Temporal Characteristics of Autocorrelation Lag and Maximum Spectral Amplitude in Sub-bands

Use of GPU and Feature Reduction for Fast Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection


How to Know the Best Machine Translation System in Advance before Translating a Sentence?

A Domain-Restricted, Rule Based, English-Hindi Machine Translation System Based on Dependency Parsing

Translation of TO infinitives in Anusaaraka Platform: an English Hindi MT system

Determing Trustworthiness in E-Commerce Customer Reviews

Naturalistic Audio-Visual Emotion Database

Discriminating Neutral and Emotional Speech using Neural Networks

Text Readability in Hindi: A Comparative Study of Feature Performances Using Support Vectors

Sangam: A Perso-Arabic to Indic Script Machine Transliteration Model

AutoParSe: An Automatic Paradigm Selector For Nouns in Konkani

Unsupervised Detection and Promotion of Authoritative Domains for Medical Queries in Web Search

Significance of Paralinguistic Cues in the Synthesis of Mathematical Equations

Accurate Identification of the Karta (Subject) Relation in Bangla

Manipuri Chunking: An Incremental Model with POS and RMWE

Segmentation of Navya-Nya ̄ya Expressions

Handling Plurality in Bengali Noun Phrases

Making Verb Frames for Bangla Vector Verbs

Evaluating Two Annotated Corpora of Hindi Using a Verb Class Identifier

Hindi Word Sketches

Extracting and Selecting Relevant Corpora for Domain Adaptation in MT

Merging Verb Senses of Hindi WordNet using Word Embeddings

Hierarchical Recursive Tagset for Annotating Cooking Recipes

Named Entity Based Answer Extraction form Hindi Text Corpus Using n-grams

“ye word kis lang ka hai bhai?” Testing the Limits of Word level Language Identification

Identifying Languages at the Word Level in Code-Mixed Indian Social Media Text

Continuum models of semantics for language discovery

Syllables as Linguistic Units?

HinMA: Distributed Morphology based Hindi Morphological Analyzer

Roles of Nominals in Construing Meaning at the Level of Discourse

Anou Tradir: Experiences In Building Statistical Machine Translation Systems For Mauritian Languages – Creole, English, French

How Sentiment Analysis Can Help Machine Translation

Coreference Resolution for Better Information Retrieval from Indian Classical Music Forums.

Introduction to Synskarta: An Online Interface for Synset Creation with Special Reference to Sanskrit

LMSim : Computing Domain-specific Semantic Word Similarities Using a Language Modeling Approach

Multiobjective Optimization and Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Named Entity Recognition and Classification

Improving the accuracy of pronunciation lexicon using Naive Bayes classifier with character n-gram as feature: for language classified pronunciation lexicon generation

Learning phrase-level vocabulary in second language using pictures/gestures and voice

Creating a PurposeNet Ontology: An insight into the issues encountered during ontology creation

Bundeli Folk-Song Genre Classification with kNN and SVM

Word net based Method for Determining Semantic Sentence Similarity through various Word Senses

Identification of Karaka relations in an English sentence

A Sentiment Analyzer for Hindi Using Hindi Senti Lexicon

A Sandhi Splitter for Malayalam

PaCMan : Parallel Corpus Management Workbench

Analysis of Cognitive Loaded Speech using Excitation Source Features

Anaphora without syntax - A Multi-lingual Approach for Geometry Constructions

English to Punjabi Transliteration using Orthographic and Phonetic Information

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