ICON 2003 - International Conference On Natural Language Processing
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Papers are invited on substantial, original and unpublished research on all aspects of Natural Language Processing, with a particular focus on languages, issues, and applications relevant to India. The areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Linguistic and Computational Issues in Indian Languages
    • Morphological processing
    • Syntactic processing
    • Semantic processing
  • Development and Standardisation of Lexical Resources
    • Manual creation of Lexical Resources
    • Automatic acquisition
    • Standardization
    • Innovative uses and priority areas
    • Collection of corpora
    • Annotation of corpora
    • Lexicon and dictionaries
  • Statistical, Knowledge-based, and Hybrid Methods
    • Language Modeling
    • Language Analysis and Generation
    • Ontology and Thesauri
    • Example Based Machine Translation
    • Grammar Acquisition
  • NLP Formalisms and Technologies
    • Grammatical and Statistical NLP
    • Word Sense DisambiguationApplication areas such as
    • Machine Translation
    • Information Extraction
    • Intelligent Information Retrieval
    • Natural Language Interface
    • Question-Answering
  • Systems
    • System building experience
    • Evaluation of systems
    • Information Retrieval tools
    • Internet oriented tools
  • Speech Processing
    • Text to Speech systems
    • Speech Recognition
    • Special purpose applications
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