Coding Schemes

To search for a word in a dictionary, you can enter the word in any one of the coding schemes/fonts given below:

1. ISCII-8 bit ( Supported by GIST terminals, GISTShell on DOS, etc.) { ׳ ʽ } Windows 9x should have ISCII plugin

2. YOGESH fonts ( Supported by Windows-95, Windows-98, Linux X-windows, etc.) {+Mɮ +{ < {f Ei i ]x nɪ } For YOGESH Fonts you should have DoEILKBD (Department of Electronics Indian Languages Keyboard).

3. Shusha Fonts.

4. Roman readable alphabetic coding scheme for Indian Languages.

If you can read the Hindi text given along with a choice, it means you will be able to enter the word and view the contents of the results of the search in that coding scheme (and you have the requisite font). Make your selection accordingly.

If you do not have any Hindi font, you can either download a suitable font from somewhere, or view the contents in Roman (the fourth choice).

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